Autumn Courtiers

Changelings of the Autumn Court


Brother Noah Levi Jacob Stewart:
Fairest Flowering

King of Autumn

The Scarecrow King of the Autumn Court, Brother Noah Levi, as he is known to his followers, is head of a small but potent Church in West Sacramento. Knowing as the Fellowship of the Reaping, it is founded on principals as old as snake-handling, and far less grounded in Christian beliefs. He never, entirely, claims a Christian denomination, but it is the aura that permeates the church, and likely most of his human followers believe he is spoken to by God and Jesus. The man uses his sheer presence to create a following, and in that following he uses faith to inspire fear.

Officer Bruce Whitehead:
Ogre Gristlegrinder
IN light of the spate of officer-related shootings, one would assume a Changeling that posed as a police officer would take a low profile. Not so OFficer Whitehead. He is the stuff of nightmares. The huge man in uniform that approaches your car behind his flashlight in the middle of the night. The man that pulls you over just as you were driving the speed limit. THe one who pulls a gun when you were doing nothing but walking into a store. He relishes his position both as creature of fear, and creature above reproach. He is not well liked in Changeling circles, as he tends to shoot first and ask questions later. He’s aggressive enough to fit within the Summer court, but lacks political responsibility. Martial enough for the Court of the West but without their sense of honor.

Deanna Woolfe:
Wizened Woodwalker
A former forest service agent turned park ranger after an unsuccessful and fatal bust of marijuana growers, Woolfe is an independant agent, and proud of it. She moved here from Humboldt County several years ago, and has been maintaining trails and park spaces, and frightening both hikers and campers, ever since. A woman with a baleful stare, Deanna thrives on the hiker, terrified of her as she comes around the corner of a trail.