Dawn Courtiers

Changelings of the Dawn Court


The Governor:
Fairest Draconic

King of Dawn and ruler of the Freehold of Camellias

The Governor rules with a fair, but Iron hand. He has been in power these last 25 years, and is decades, generations older in mortal time.

One-Eyed Hank:
Ogre Cyclopean
As though not having two eyes has sharpened his vision, Old Hank can see beyond what is on the surface. serving as the Governor’s right hand man and muscle, Hank has a preternatural ability to see both what you really want, and the best you that you can be.

Arianna O’Connell:
Fairest Muse
Inspiring the feelings and choices of those who govern is O’Connell’s sole goal in existence. She has worked as a lobbyist in Sacramento for many years, never seeming to age beyond an apparent early 30s. She switches from one cause to another, championing it with single minded devotion, and the assurance of utterly indestructible alternate identities

Mark Johnson:
Wizened Chatelaine
Once a notable up and coming baseball player, Mark’s return stripped him of his ability to play ball, and left his feeble form unable of physical exertion. Restricted to a wheelchair, this wizened worked as a butler for a Keeper who derived pleasure in stripping one of what they valued. Now he doorkeeps for the Governor, and administers appointments. A magistrate of the Waxen Mask, he works alongside Sunny Bui to manage the many events the Freehold is host to.