Eastern Courtiers

Changelings of the Court of the East


Mr. Rajit:
WIzened Oracle

King of the East

Though he may be able to see the future, Mr. Rajit uses it in such a limited capacity it is easy to forget he can open his eyes wider. Owner of one of the largest import/export businesses in the city, he concerns himself largely with mortal goods and service. Except when he doesn’t. He is the one you go to when you need a large shipment moved. He has no interest in petty, small dealings, and instead focuses on the large-scale. Need to transfer a case of goblin fruit? A warehouse full of fine pottery? A truckload of cocaine? Mr. Rajit is your man. HIs partner, Miss Andropov handles finding buyers. He is much more concerned with how, and where, his property goes.

Bayleigh Yen:
Fairest Muse
Perhaps in another time, in another place, Bayleigh would have striven to inspire people to greater things. Instead, her role as the owner of one of the most prestigious salons and medical spas in Sacramento allows her to, instead, inspire people to strive constantly for what they cannot achieve. Though she is not herself, precisely, a doctor, she understands what it takes to sell women new breasts and men new pecs. She is, herself, the perfection of the surgeons art her Keeper having used her as a test for all his body “improvements.” Relatively new to the Freehold she swore to the Eastern Court almost immediately, despite the fact that she, unlike so many members of the court, is not a direct merchant.


Eastern Courtiers

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