Northern Courtiers

Changelings of the Northern Court


Eugene Lloydd:
Darkling Leachfinger

King of the North

Independent insurance investigator.

Lawrence Delancey:
Darkling Antiquarian
Returned to Sacramento, from whence he had been taken, Delancy tried to resume his prior life. He killed his fetch and took over life where he left off. Unfortunately, Changelings don’t have that luxury. His wife divorced him and he was left playing the absentee father to his three little girls. That was enough. He walked away from his former life, with no one but Changeling society knowing he’d ever had it. Now he works as an aide to a formidable member of the mortal government, providing his employer all the data he needs, much as Delancy did back in Arcadia. He is devoted to the NOrthern Court, perhaps through an intimate idea of what suffering truly means.


Northern Courtiers

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