Spring Courtiers

Changelings of the Spring Court


Richard Sumptus Walker:
Fairest Draconic
King of Spring

Possible the Governor’s most vocal dissident, Walker seeks to undermine the Dawn Courtier’s belief in the fact that people can be better, with an appeal to what they actually are. The founder of the Voices of Voters political action committee, Walker lobbies for all the things that people want, or think they want. He is for sale to the highest bidder, but once bought, he stays bought. He is a master of pledge crafting, and will never promise more or less than exactly what he will deliver.

Eleana Adropov:
Beast Skitterskulk
A spider in the middle of her web could not be better positioned than Miss Andropov. Paired with her partner, an Eastern Courtier Mr. Rajit, she is the merchandising side of the trade empire. With contacts all up and down the coast, and more importantly through the trodes, Miss Andropov provides her customers with the knowledge of their desire. It isn’t so much that she can get what you need, it’s that she can get what you didn’t even realize you wanted.