Summer Courtiers

Changelings of the Summer Court


Curt Boudreaux:
Darkling Razorhand

King of Summer

The King of Summer is, sometimes, mistaken for an Autumn courtier in his fear-raising instant violence, but he is much more possessed of Rage than Fear. He owns several security companies, including Paladin Security where the majority of the Golden Spear individuals are employed.

Fairest Treasured
This graffiti artist is scrolled with her own work just as are the walls where she plies her trade. Sketching up works designed to stimulate the mind, and the emotions, she tends to work with the more activist of the political factions of the Camellia Freehold. She has an odd, but close relationship with Lawrence Delancy. Some say he thinks she replaces his lost daughters, some say she’s pumping him for information. Either way, they work well together, and are often see in each other’s company

Clark Marquez:
Elemental Fireheart
Leader of the Golden Spear. General of forces in Camellias

Elizabeth Brown:
elemental water
Golden spear, assistant

Buck Christopherson:
elemental stone
golden spear, assistant