Winter Courtiers

Changelings of the Winter Court


Principal Carlton Ataway:
Wizened Oracle

King of Winter

Principal of the private Sacramento Academy, a k-12 school, Ataway always seems to know what students need before they do. As a functionary of the Freehold, he offers housing and schooling for the few children that come through the Hedge, either as actual children or appearing thus.

Doctor Ernest Thornson:
Ogre Stonebones
Known for his inability to chage, and his strict adherence to policy, Dr. Thornson is the bane of student’s existences. If you get Dr. Thornson’s classes be prepared to meet the day before Christmas break, right up till the last minute. Be ready to have your final at 8am on a Monday morning, after you’d gone out drinking. He seems to thrive on the suffering of the student. In Changeling society, he is known for his simultaneously uncomfortable and obdurate spirit.

Miss Sparrow:
Darkling Antiquarian
9th grade teacher at Sacramento Academy