A Fine and Private Place, A Changeling: the Lost Chronicle

Courts of the Freehold of Camellias
Their Roles, Powers, and Locations

The courts have freedom to allow their adherents to work within their purview to a great degree. Only threatening to expose Changelings to scrutiny, breaking the Mask, or in other ways opening the Arcadian elements of the city to risk is considered taboo. There are no restrictions on using humans for whatever purpose they seek, as long as secrecy is maintained. Dallying with humans comes largely with risks to Clarity, not to citizenship in the Freehold.

Spring Court (Desire):
Concerned with all elements of Desire, the Spring Court of Camellias is one of the most diverse. It deals with everything from mercantile trading to personal desire for gain or betterment. Taking many of the high positions in the Cabinet, Spring Courtiers know exactly what it is you want, and how to get it, and what it will cost

Summer Court (Wrath):
Anger is an easy emotion to sustain in both humans and Changelings. The Summer Court of the Camellia Freehold is more concerned with turning that wrath into something productive, than generating it for no purpose at all. Its adherents tend to be activists, gang members, artists, people striving to improve their community through any avenue they see available.

Autumn Court (Fear):
Fear, in this day and time, is something different than it used to be. No longer do you jump out of the forest in a scarecrow mask and hope mortals will be terrified. Now, you must assume more daring shapes. The Court of Fear in Sacramento preys on urban legends, and mostly, the fear of the Law.

Winter Court (Sorrow):
In the Freehold of Camellias, Sorrow takes many forms, but many of the adherence use the college system to harvest their glamour. Based in Cal State Sacramento, their representatives are spread throughout the education system. They do not restrain themselves to this purview, but it is by far where Winter Courtiers are most prevalent.

Northern Court (Suffering):
The Norther court does not romanticize suffering, so much as the stoic acceptance of it. NOrthern courtiers do not believe that suffering is so much glorious, as a natural part of life

Southern Court (Ecstasy):
The Southern Court thrives on the ecstasy of the artist. In Sacramento, notable Southern courtiers create luxury in the lives of those around them. They are the ones that make life not only worth living, but pleasurable.

Eastern Court (Envy):
The Eastern court is, in some ways, similar to the COurt of Spring, in that they both can get you what you want. HOwever, the Eastern Court is much more concerned with the emotions around what you want. Do you crave it? Do you hate those who have it? THen perhaps they can do business with you.

Dusk Court (Futility):
The Dusk Court, with its driving emotion of Futility forces individuals to face their lives, and what they really are like The member of the Court in Camellias tend to work with the rich, the over privileged. Though they may not be, themselves, so blessed, they none the less derive their power from others who have more material goods than they do.

Dawn Court (Hope):
The Dawn Court thrives on the potential of what COULD be in Sactown and the Freehold of Camellias. It works within the political system, in many ways, in the aspiration that t could be more than it is.


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