Dusk Courtiers

Changelings of the Dusk Court


Geoffrey Vesper:
Elemental Levinquick

King of Dusk

Maria Ambiente:
Elemental Airtouched

A creature of mist and shadow, Maria realizes that nothing means anything and nothing matters. couched in her life as a member of the school board for the local board of education, she specializes in miserable parents, children who believe nothing will ever change. She uses her position to share that degree of futility with the children and parents around her, hoping to protect them, through sheer ennui and hopelessness, from Arcadia’s touch. She serves on the Governor’s cabinet

Claire de la Paz:
Beast Runnerswift

Working as the owner of an upscale “massage” parlor, operating out of the much-too-nice neighborhood of the Pocket, where rich men and women come to relax after a day in high finance, government and the like, she never quite seems to make them feel better. Around Claire, they spend their time in pleasure that will, in the end lead nowhere.