Southern Courtiers

Changelings of the Southern Court


Zara Iliova:
Ogre Gargantuan

Queen of the South

Used to harsh conditions, she has made it her mission to provide succour and surfeit to those who had none. Owner of the cupcake bakery Queen of Cakes, she creates tiny works of luxury and art incongruous with her huge form.

Ahn “Sunny” Bui:
Elemental Waterborn
Starting her mortal existence as a simple event planner, Sunny moved up into the position of the owner of the most prestigious event planning business in the greater Sacramento area. If you are anyone, hosting an event in the city, you go to Miss Bui. She can get anything, do anything, and more, her parties are to die for. She’s been instrumental in the interior and concept design of several clubs, as well as the more sophisticated parties of the government elite. In Changeling society, she is known as a fluid woman who can make your dreams come true, if you are willing to fully indulge in them.


Southern Courtiers

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