Western Courtiers

Changelings of the Court of the West


Veronica de la Luz:
Wizened Gameplayer

Queen of the West

Without an identity in the “real” world, the Queen of Honor drifts from place to place, house to house, gambling and challenging those with whom she works for time and duty. She believes that everything is a matter of skill, that all individuals must earn what they get, but not in the same was as the SPring or Eastern court. Rather, she believes that there is honor in the game, and how it is played.

Miguel Esperanza:
Beast Hunterheart
As a security guard in the capital, Esperanza does what he must so others may do what they must. Often entrusted with the most secure locations, he will do as he is ordered, as long as though orders in no way contradict what must, what should be. He has access to the chambers of the government, but would never dream of misusing them. Using, yes, misusing, no.

R. Clinton Vasquez:
Elemental Air Touched
The supreme team player, Vasquez maintains his mortal mask as a third string player on the Warriors. He will never be a big name, as he wishes, but he will provide unfailing support for his team, leading them to many victories for which he will never be credited.


Western Courtiers

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