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We are a weekly gaming group that meets in Arden-Arcade. We’re actively recruiting players right now.

Please e-mail me at this page for more details.

Arcadia is a strange place. A world of varying rules, strange customs, and bizarre realities that alter by domain.

Populated by the Keepers, also called Faerys or True Fae, these Arcadian realms are totally dominated by their liege Lords and Ladies. Each Keeper maintains a portion of Arcadia as their personal reality. Keepers are utterly alien to human understanding. In some ways, they are a foreign intelligences, strange and worrying, hiding behind masks of semi-reality. They create their realms from the ground up, and how they choose to do so speaks volumes about their natures, behind the mask.

Under the True Fae, are their Changelings, creatures stolen from the mortal world and transformed into tools and toys to be used for the Keepers purposes. These Changelings vary in their attitudes toward their Keepers. Some love and worship them, some fear and hate them. Some seek nothing more than to remain in Arcadia, while others desire a return to the mortal world. Either way, these Changelings have been inexorably touched by the Keepers, and will never be fully human again.

This chronicle will explore your Changeling’s activities in the Freehold of Camellias, in Sacramento. The story will be developed around the characters you choose to play.

There will be very few restrictions placed on characters. They may be well-developed Changelings, already fit within the Freehold, or newly arrived from Arcadia. Any Court from the books is available to you, if you choose, or you may choose to be Courtless. Stats will be fairly flexible, more to suit the characters than anything.